Frequently Asked Questions


What does a fitting cost?

We charge a standard rate of R150 per hour – you can fit as many dresses as you can in the time provided. All fittings are strictly by appointment. Any late coming will be taken off your fitting time. A follow up fitting will be R100 per hour and will be credited towards your dress price should you decide to rent or buy from Lady J’s.

What if I do not show up for my fitting?

As much as we understand life happens, all we ask is for a courtesy call should you be running late or if you cannot attend. We require a minimum 48 hours notification to cancel an appointment. We have a waiting list of brides, especially requesting Saturdays and if you cancel timeously we can possibly find a replacement for your time slot.

Who should attend the fitting with me?

We suggest a max of 2 – 3 guests. Bigger audiences cause confusion and can be overwhelming when choosing a wedding dress. We will offer one follow-up fitting in order for you to share the experience with more people (follow-up fee of R100 and will be credited towards your dress price should you decide to rent of buy from Lady J’s).

We regrettably do not allow children under the age of 10.

Are all your dresses new?

We hire and sell BRAND NEW and PRE-LOVED wedding dresses. The majority of the dresses in our studio are brand new. We only keep pre-loved dresses if they are in mint condition – in order to accommodate our brides with lower budgets.

What is the price range of your dresses?

The majority of our dresses are priced between R 2,500  – R 10,000 to hire and R 5,000 – R 15,000 to buy. All depending on the dress, design, fabrics and accessories on the dress. Our dresses are high quality well manufactured dresses – we do not import inexpensive low grade dresses.

We do keep a smaller collection of dresses – either SALE or PRE-LOVED dresses priced between R 2,000 and R 10,000. These dresses are all in a great condition. We do acknowledge that it is your choice to decide how much money you want to spend on a wedding dress and keep these garments in order to offer you quality at a price you may prefer to pay.

Am I allowed to take photos?

No, we acknowledge that the majority of guests only want to capture the moment when taking a snapshot. Unfortunately when allowing photos, we expose ourselves to people who may deliberately steal our intellectual property. We take serious offense when this happens. We therefore do not allow photographs – dresses can be viewed on our website or by appointment. Please fee free to discuss this with us should you have any questions.

What should I wear for my fitting?

Wear comfortable underwear. We suggest a full panty and strapless bra. If your have your wedding shoes already bought please bring them along as well.

Do you alter wedding dresses?

Yes, we can offer certain in house alterations at an additional fee depending on alteration required.

Do you buy previously worn wedding dresses?

No, we do not buy pre-loved wedding dresses but we do offer that we sell your dress on your behalf at an agreed price and commission percentage suitable to both parties. So your dress hangs in our store and you collect the money once it has been sold or unless you decide otherwise.

Please note that we reserve the right to accept or decline pre-loved dresses and will only accept good quality gowns into the Lady J’s Collection.

Do you custom make wedding dresses?

Yes, we do have on-call designers to assist to custom make designs should you not find your dream dress from our current collection. We will set up an appointment for you with our fashion designers to discuss your options.